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Teachers Guide to Stratovolcanoes of the World

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Featured Volcanoes

The Stratovolcanoes of the World poster features eight volcanoes, located in the Pacific Ocean region (see image below). This Teachers Guide features the same volcanoes. You can navigate to the volcanoes by following the links to the left or by clicking on one of the red dots on the map below. Within each volcano section, there are additional navigational links located at the top of the page immediately under the volcano name.

Moving clockwise from the top of the globe the featured volcanoes are:

Crater Peak, Mt. Spurr, Alaska U.S.A
Mount St. Helens, Washington U.S.A
Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
Ngauruhoe, New Zealand
Lamington, Papua New Guinea
Galunggung, Indonesia
Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines
Veniaminof, Alaska U.S.A

Crater Peak, AlaskaMount St. Helens, WashingtonNevado del Ruiz, ColombiaNgauruhoe, New ZealandLamington, Papua New GuineaGalunggung, IndonesiaMt. Pinatubo, PhilippinesVeniaminof, AlaskaNevado del Ruiz, ColombiaMount St Helens, Washington USACrater Peak Alaska USAVeniaminof, Alaska USANgauruhoe, New ZealandMt Pinatubo, PhilippinesLamington, Papua New GuineaGalunggung, Indonesia