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Welcome to the Solar Observatory Links home page for the IAU Division II (The Sun and Heliosphere) Working Group for International Data Access.


Solar H-alpha & White Light

Solar synoptic observing programs in H-alpha and White Light wavelengths (Full disk images).

Calcium K

Synoptic observations in Calcium K wavelength.


Helium 1083.0 nm synoptic programs.

Coronal Maps

Solar corona synoptic measurements.


Solar magnetic field measurements.

Solar Radio Monitoring

Observations in radio wavelengths.

Satellite and Other

Satellites and other observing programs.

Whole Sun Catalog

Catalog of all solar observatories making observations every day.

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Welcome to the web site for solar observatory links of the Working Group for International Data Access of the Division II (The Sun and Heliosphere) of the International Astronomical Union.


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Division II (The Sun and Heliosphere) initiates Working Groups when it sees a need in the astronomical community. Three Working Groups now exist: WG on Solar Eclipses, on Solar Interplanetary Nomenclature, and for International Data Access. The WG for International Data Access was initiated to study the archiving, retrieval and distribution of solar data. The immediate reason is consideration on the future of the Quarterly Bulletin on Solar Activity (QBSA), which has been supported by the IAU for many years. The need for a review of existing means of data distribution is obvious in view of the revolution in digital data storage and communication. The intent of the WG is to survey the existing and growing data exchange through the Internet and to propose guidelines at an international level. The existing structures at the national levels should not be replaced nor duplicated.

While several tasks have been identified, one task is to find available data from the various observatories and satellites. This web site provides links to observatories and satellites, with emphasis on synoptic observing programs. Bernhard Fleck, with Kevin Reardon, has compiled an extensive listing of solar synoptic observatories by type of observation: (1.) Full Disk H-alpha/White Light; (2.) Full Disk Ca K; (3.) Full disk He 1083.0 nm; (4.) Coronal Maps; (5.) Magnetograms. See ARTHEMIS and Arcetri Web site. We have added solar radio data link information and satellite data link information. Several web sites have helped tremendously in this effort. These include ARTHEMIS, Big Bear Solar Observatory, Junho Shin's Links for Solar Physics Junho Shin's Links for Solar Physics, etc. More work will be done to explore other web sites with useful information.

Educational links may be added in the near future. We apologize for any observatory missing from the list and ask that they contact us with their relevant information to be added to this listing. Contact

Full Disk H-alpha/White Light Solar Observatories and Research Groups

Full Disk Calcium K Solar Observatories

Full Disk Helium 1083.0 nm Solar Observatories

Coronal Maps -- Solar Observatories

Magnetograms -- Solar Observatories

Solar Radio Observatories

Other Programs, including Satellites