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Marine Seismic Reflection

MMS Permit 77-25 (Alaska)

Seismic Reflection Map of MMS Permit 77-25 (Alaska)

From July 25, 1977 until October 10, 1977, Western Geophysical Co. acquired 3,499 miles of multi-channel seismic reflection data. These data were collected under permit 77-25 issued by the Minerals Management Service (MMS). The MMS acquired the entire data set on August 7, 1978, under Contract 14-08-0001-17648. The following year the MMS purchased reprocessing of selective lines (402 miles) under Contract 14-12-0004-60105. Western Geophysical Co. used three vessels in this survey, the M/V Western Geo IV, the M/V Western Geo V, and the M/V Arctic Sun. Under the conditions of the contract and subsequent regulations, the data are now available to the public.

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