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Marine Seismic Reflection

L6-78-AR Lines 801-826
USGS OFR86-206

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collected approsimately 2520 km of 24-channel seismic-reflection data in the eastern Chukchi Sea from late August through late September 1978, over the continental shelf in the Chukchi Sea (figure 1). The profiles were collected on the USGS Research Vessel S. P. Lee. The seismic energy source consisted of a tuned array of five airguns with a total volume of 1326 cubic inches of air compressed to approximately 1900 psi. The recording system consisted of a 24-channel streamer, 2400 meters long with a group interval of 100 m and a GUS (Global Universal Science) model 4200 digital recording instrument. Shots were fired every 50 meters. Navigational control for the survey was provided by a Marconi integrated navigation system using transit satellites and Doppler-sonar augmented by Loran C (Rho-Rho).

Seismic Reflection Map of l678ar

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