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National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

Multichannel Seismic-Reflection Profiles
Western Florida Shelf
USGS Open File Report 87-372*

Data Announcement 88-MGG-03

     Approximately 1,500 km of multichannel seismic-reflection data are available for purchase from the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) (now the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)) for the western Florida shelf. These data were collected on the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) R/V GYRE October 19, 1982. The USGS, Department of Interior has made these profiles available for public dissemination.

     The multichannel seismic-reflection system consisted of a 1.200-m streamer, a Texas Instruments Digital Field system, a DFS- V recorder, and a Bolt 500-cu. in. airgun. The gun was positioned 15 m off the stem and the near-phone section was 230 m astern. The shot-point interval was 25 m. The streamer was composed of alternating and inactive segments, each 50 m long. Twenty-four fold data were recorded for 4 sec in SEG-B format. The quality of the seismic records is good to 2 sec. Navigational control was provided by the USGS integrated navigation/gravity system built around a Western Geophysical, Inc. Survey and Data Management System. The Western system uses data from 6 navigation sensors.

     *M.M. Ball, N.K. Soderberg, D.R. Nichols, T.F. O'Brien, J.E. Dodd, and B.J. Irwin, (Woods Hole, Mass 02543: "Multichannel Seismic-Reflection Profiles collected in 1982 aboard R.V. GYRE, Cruise G82-12 on the western Florida Shelf, "U.S. Geological Survey, Office of Energy and Marine Geology, Woods Hole, MA 02543.


Seismic Profiles (11 lines, 31 sections)
      (plastic sepia) Product #976F20159
      (paper sepia) Product #976F19159
      (blackline) Product #976F18159

Magnetic Tape(s)     Product #976H07159
CD-ROM                   Product #129F27001

Trackline Chart        Product #976H18159