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National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)


Data Announcement 86-MGG-21

Well-log and auxiliary information form 1 privately drilled exploratory well for purchase from the National Geophysical Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information)(NCDC). These data were acquired by Schell Offshore, Inc., contractor, during July 1984. The proprietary terms of the lease have expired and those data have been released to NGDC (now NCEI) by the Minerals Managemant Service, U.S. Department of Interior, for public dissemination. The specifics, location, and a summary of the well-log information are given below:

Well ID: OCS A 0370, NGDC Well No. 41, Baltimore Ridge Block 93, NJ 18-9;
Well Location: Latitude 37° 53' 34,828 N; Longitude 73° 44' 09,547 W.

  • 1-inch physical formation(7,100'-17,800')
  • Conventional Core Anaysis (15,406'-15,419', 17,710'-17,735' 9")
  • Pressure Analysis log, Temperature log, Drilling log<
  • Schlumberger Directional Survey and Arrow Plots
  • Dual Induction SFL Sonic Logs 1" and 5"
  • Litho-Density Log 5", Compensated Neutron-Litho Density Log 2" and 5", NGT Ratio Logs 2" and 5"
  • NGT Spectrometry Logs 2" and 5", WST Monitor Log 1", Dipmeters 2" and 5", NGT Ratio logs 2" and 5"
  • Wellsite VSP 1", Seismic log 1", LDT/Porosity log 5"
  • Downhole Logging While Drilling 2" and 5", Final Well Report, and Repeat Formation Tester

DATA AVAILABLE: Data are available on 1 roll (No. 2129) of 16-mm microfilm