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National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)


Seismic Data for the S.E. Georgia Embayment

Data Announcement 1977-V

The National Geophysical Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information) currently is making available CDP seismic reflection data that were collected jointly by the University of Texas Marine Science Institute and the U.S. Geological Survey in 1975. This data set contains approximately 635 nautical miles of 24-channel CDP data.

The CDP lines were recorded by the R/V IDA GREEN in May 1975 and were processed by the University of Texas Geophysics Laboratory using AGC techniques. The section's scales are 2 1/2 in./sec and 24 tr/in. All lines are 24-fold summation. The shotpoint data are contained on track charts, and a navigation listing is on microfiche. Velocity profiles are on microfilm.

Lines SE-1 - SE-6 are available in sepia and blackline.