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World Data Service for Geophysics, Boulder

Core data from the
Ocean Drilling Program (ODP)
Legs 101-129


This CD-ROM replaces the previous 1992 ODP CD-ROM set



The new CD-ROM replaces the old version 1.0 ODP CD-ROM data set that was produced by the National Geophysical Data Center (now the National Centers for Environmental Information)with support from, and in cooperation with, the Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc./Ocean Drilling Program through a contract with the US National Science Foundation.

Data files on the new CD-ROM are offered in their original format as compiled by the ODP data management staff, and are also included in a new, tab-delimited format for easy upload into spreadsheet and database packages.

The CD-ROM contains data for legs 101-129 of the ODP. Data types include sediment and hardrock analyses. Downhole logging data and underway geophysical data are not included on the CD-ROM, paleontology data are also not included.


The following data types are included for Legs 101-129 where available:

  • age profile
  • borehole interstitial water
  • carbon/carbonate
  • corelog
  • gamma ray attenuation porosity evaluation (2-minute counts)
  • gas chromatography
  • igneous/metamorphic rock visual core descriptions (coarse-grained)
  • igneous/metamorphic rock visual core descriptions (fine-grained)
  • igneous/metamorphic rock thin section descriptions
  • index properties balance & pycnometer measurements
  • interstitial water
  • paleomagnetic intensity & direction
  • paleomagnetic susceptibility
  • rock-eval
  • sediment/sedimentary rock lithology
  • shear strength
  • site summary information
  • smear slide/thin section descriptions
  • velocity compressional/shear wave
  • x-ray fluorescence spectrometry

  • Original data documentation and codes/calibration files


An HTML interface accessible through most browsers, platforms, and operating systems is included on the CD-ROM. Data and documentation files are also fully readable as ASCII files outside the HTML interface.