Setup Accounts for Collection Manager Tools

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Registration Instructions

Send email to with the following details

  1. Subject: 'New User for [CoMET, Docucomp, and/or Metaserver] for your name'
  2. Your contact information
  3. Your associated program or agency
  4. Intended usage

Once you are set up, your login name will be your email (without the and the password will be the same as your email password.


  • Create, edit and import ISO records
  • Fill out a Data Stewardship Maturity Questionnaire (DSMQ)


  • insert or edit components


  • Assess individual records with Record Services
  • Process WAFs with Collection Services

Note: Login is currently limited to users with a NOAA email, but external access is planned for a future release cycle. Send in a request if you'd like to be informed when this capability is available.