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Registration Instructions

Send email to ncei.collection-manager.support@noaa.gov with the following details

  1. Subject: 'New User for [CoMET, Docucomp, and/or Metaserver] for your name'
  2. Your contact information
  3. Your associated program or agency
  4. Intended usage

Once you are set up, your login name will be your email (without the @noaa.gov) and the password will be the same as your email password.


  • Create, edit and import ISO records
  • Fill out a Data Stewardship Maturity Questionnaire (DSMQ)


  • insert or edit components


  • Assess individual records with Record Services
  • Process WAFs with Collection Services

Note: Login is currently limited to users with a NOAA email, but external access is planned for a future release cycle. Send in a request if you'd like to be informed when this capability is available.