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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 keyword 1..* Vocabulary terms that describe the general science categories, general location, organizations, projects, platforms, instruments associated with the resource. Highly recommend using NASA GCMD keywords.
2 type 0..1 Subject matter used to group similar keywords. Use 'theme' for scientific categories, 'place' for locations, etc. Group keywords by themes and authoritative thesaurus.
3 thesaurusName 0..1 The citation of the authoritative keyword resource. If the keywords are not supported by an authority, then include a gco:nilReason attribute in the thesaurusName field or write "None" in the citation title field.

Community Requirements

M = Mandatory; C = Conditional; R = Recommended; blank cell = user discretion

Community Element M C R Notes

NOAA Completeness Rubric V2

keyword M
type M
thesaurusName R Extra credit for recommended fields

OneStop Project

keyword M GCMD Keywords are mandatory for OneStop Readiness.
type M
thesaurusName M

More Information

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See NEW NOAA Guidance: