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Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 scope 1 Level of the resource to which the quality reports and/or lineage apply to. Typically this is the same as the hierarchyLevelName scope.
2 report 0..* A statement of the quality of the resource specified by the scope.
3 lineage 0..1 Information on the history of the resource specified by the scope.

Community Requirements

M = Mandatory; C = Conditional; R = Recommended; blank cell = user discretion

Community Element M/C/R Notes
NOAA Completeness Rubric V2 scope M
report M
lineage C Lineage subcategory is recommended for resources that have been processed. If unable to provide acquisition or lineage, then provide a general statement. At least Acquisition, Lineage or Statement is required. You get extra credit if more than one subcategory is documented.
OneStop Project scope M
report M

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