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In response to the President’s Open Government Initiative and related policies, NOAA has committed to providing improved public access to all of its environmental information in order to enable research and commercial innovation through ease of data discovery and use. This project supports NOAA's efforts by leveraging existing NOAA catalog and access technologies to develop an improved "one stop shop", referred to as NOAA OneStop, that will provide improved discovery, access, and visualization services for the highest quality data that NOAA has to offer. The initial capability will focus on a set of selected high-priority datasets from NESDIS and other program data meeting OneStop standards. OneStop will also leverage, when possible, datasets improved by the Big Earth Data Initiative (BEDI) and cloud-enabled by the NOAA Big Data Partnerships (BDP), but is not reliant on those separate efforts for success. Unlike previous efforts to develop a single portal for NOAA data, this project will focus not just on the user interface but also on the underlying standards-based data infrastructure that enables interoperability and discoverability. This project will build on existing access technologies, and web services while also infusing specific innovations. An important goal of this project is to develop and document best practices for data formats and metadata content so that the various component web services are able to search, discover and display the data and metadata with a high degree of quality, consistency, and visual appeal. The user interface can then be built to take advantage of the high quality and consistent information presented via the web services in order to provide a seamless, smooth, and tailored user experience.

Figure 1 - OneStop homepage, note the user can search by free-text or by clicking one of the dataset themes.

Figure 2 - Representative image of search results displaying browse graphic thumbnails of each dataset.

Metadata and Data Readiness Guidance


The purpose of this guidance is to define a system of OneStop readiness criteria that data managers and providers can use to increase the discoverability, accessibility, and understanding of the data and metadata in the NOAA OneStop portal. These improvements will also provide a richer user experience that leverages all of OneStop’s advanced capabilities.


This guidance applies initially to all of NCEI’s data holdings and any data manager or provider can utilize it to improve their data and metadata. In the future, the scope will expand to include all of NOAA’s data.

Download the Guidance

NOAA OneStop Data and Metadata Improvement Tiers: A Comprehensive Guide for Data Managers Published by the OneStop Metadata Team 2018-09-06; [v2.0]

Download: File:OneStopGuidanceV2.pdf

Timeline and Major Milestones

Figure 4 - OneStop timeline from kickoff to closeout.