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Using standardized locations of metadata encourages common understanding of the content and improves search-ability of the content. NOAA Supplemental elements are unsupported and there is no current documentation or practices to support their usage. The NOAA Supplemental content can be migrated to elements supported by the FGDC with Remote Sensing Extensions standard (2002), base FGDC elements (1998) and ISO extensions included in the NMMR.

Suggested Crosswalk between NOAA Supplemental Elements and Standard Elements

This crosswalk is based on an interpretation of the NOAA Supplemental Elements and their usage in NGDC. Metadata editors should review their content and the standards to decide the best location within the metadata.


NOAA Standard Element Name XPath to Standard ElementStandard
Entry IDDataset Identifiermetadata/idinfo/datsetidFGDC/RSE
Sensor NameInstrument Full Name metadata/plainsid/instflnm
Instrument Short Namemetadata/plainsid/instshnm
Source Name Platform Long Name metadata/plainsid/platflnm
Platform Short Name metadata/plainsid/platfsnm
Project/Campaign Mission Name metadata/plainsid/missname
Data Set Creditmetadata/idinfo/datacredFGDC
Originating Center Contact Organization in Distribution metadata/distinfo/distrib/cntinfo/cntorgp/cntorg
Originator in Identificationmetadata/idinfo/citation/citeinfo/origin
Storage MediumOffline Media metadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtopt/offoptn/offmedia
Native Data Set Environmentmetadata/idinfo/native
Reference User Guide metadata/idinfo/descript/documnts/userguid/citeinfoFGDC/RSE
Science Paper metadata/idinfo/descript/documnts/scipap/citeinfo
More Informationlinkage//citeinfo/CI_OnlineResource/linkage & //function[information]ISO
Previewlinkage//citeinfo/CI_OnlineResource/linkage & //function[information]
Browse Graphic File Namemetadata/idinfo/browse/browsenFGDC
Obtainlinkagemetadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtopt/onlinopt/computer/networka/CI_OnlineResource/linkage & //function[download]ISO
Online SizeDigital Transfer Size metadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtinfo/transizeFGDC
Parent FGDC Container Packet ID metadata/idinfo/agginfo/conpckid/datsetidFGDC/RSE
Associated Product Aggregation Member ID metadata/idinfo/agginfo/compinfo/aggmemid

Related Mandatory Elements

When the content in NOAA Supplemental elements are moved to a standard element, the standard often requires the metadata eidtor to populate related elements for creating a valid FGDC metadata record. I attempted to capture the other elements that will be required, however, it is difficult to represent and may be subject to errors. I suggest that you research the standard so you can meet your metadata needs best.

Standard Element Name Related Elements (Mandatory only) Related Xpaths of Mandatory Elements
Dataset Identifier none  
Instrument Full Name Platform Full Name metadata/plainsid/platflnm
Instrument Short Name
Platform Long Name Instrument Full Name metadata/plainsid/instflnm
Platform Short Name
Mission Name Platform Full Name & Instrument Full Name metadata/plainsid/platflnm & metadata/plainsid/instflnm
Data Set Credit none  
Contact Organization in Distribution Many elements in 'Contact Information', go to section 10 in FGDC standard   
Originator in Identification Title &  Publication Date in 'Citation Information'   
Offline Media Digital Transfer Information > Format Name & Offline Option > Recording Format metadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtinfo/formname & metadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtopt/offoptn/recfmt 
Native Data Set Environment none  
User Guide Many elements in 'Citation Information', go to section 8 in FGDC standard  must parse info into appropriate citation information fields
Many elements in 'Citation Information', go to section 8 in FGDC standard  must parse info into appropriate citation information fields must parse info into appropriate citation information fields
linkage (information) This requires elements in CI_OnlineResource & Citation Information must parse info into appropriate citation information fields
Browse Graphic File Name, Browse Graphic File Description & Browse Graphic File Type metadata/idinfo/browse/*  
linkage (download) requires elements in CI_OnlineResource section and Network_Address in Online Option must parse info into appropriate citation information fields
Digital Transfer Size Digital Transfer Information > Format Name metadata/distinfo/stdorder/digform/digtinfo/formname
Container Packet ID none  
Aggregation Member ID Container Packet ID & Aggregation Criteria metadata/idinfo/agginfo/conpckid & metadata/idinfo/agginfo/compinfo/aggcrit