Solar-Terrestrial Physics (STP)

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NCEI Solar-Terrestrial Physics provides scientific stewardship of NOAA's space weather data and products, geomagnetic observatory and station data, and nighttime observations of the Earth.

  • Space Weather
    STP is responsible for the archive and access of solar and space environmental data and derived products collected by NOAA observing systems and acquired through the World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics (Boulder). Archives include extensive collections of data from solar observatories, ground ionospheric sounders, and satellites plus modeled space climatologies.

  • Geomagnetism
    STP acquires geomagnetic data and derived products and indices from numerous worldwide observatories and stations which are included in the World Data Center for Solar Terrestrial Physics (Boulder). The NCEI collection of geomagnetic data also includes aeromagnetic and marine geomagnetic data which are the responsibility of NCEI Marine Geology and Geophysics.

  • Nighttime Earth Observations
    STP stewards nighttime earth imagery data from Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). Archives include digital datasets from 1994 to present and an extensive collection of prior film data that is currently being converted to digital format. Processed raw imagery datasets are available plus higher-level derived products and posters concerned with anthropogenic lighting and inferred socio-economic indicators.