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April 2013: NGDC began a new era of POES processing, these documents describe those data:

November 1978 - December 2012: SWPC processed data documentation:

Software (C & IDL) for decoding SEM-1 binary archive files.
Software (C & Fortran) for decoding SEM-2 binary archive files.

The NORAD orbital elements for NOAA and TIROS- N satellites are available from CelestraK.


Appendix A: Removing Proton Contamination From the POES MEPED Electron Measurements.

J.B.Blake and W.A.Kolasinski, Aerospace Corporation -- Preliminary Evaluation of HEPAD Performance
This document discusses data from TIROS-N and NOAA-6 and isn't dated.

NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL SEL-75, The TIROS-N / NOAA A-J Space Environment Monitor Subsystem, R.A. Seale and R.H. Bushnell, April 1987, Part I, Part II

Evans, D.S., 1994. A study of intense auroral electron precipitation events. In Proceedings of the Second Space Environment Center Users Conference, Boulder, CO.

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Static displays of NOAA data created for various projects:

  • NOAA-11 anomalies plotted on a background of NOAA-10 electron fluxes. (GIF)
  • Stack plots showing the NOAA-12 > .3 MeV electrons at L4.5 - L4.8 and GOES-8 > 2 MeV electrons at L6.6. These plots show the affect of smoothing on the NOAA-12 data, an algorithm for detecting NOAA-12 event start and peak times, and an exponential decay model for those events. (PDF, 12/23/98)