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Marine Geology & Geophysics

Global Seafloor Topography from Satellite Altimetry

Updated November 1, 1997

by Walter H.F. Smith and David T. Sandwell
Primary funding from the National Science Foundation

North Atlantic/Caribbean image.
North Atlantic / Caribbean View:
Atlantic/Indian Ocean image.
Atlantic / Indian Ocean View:
Indian Ocean image.
Indian Ocean View:
North Atlantic/European image.
North Atlantic/European View:
Pacific Ocean image.
Pacific Ocean View:
South Pacific Ocean image.
South Pacific Ocean View:
World image.
World View:
Foundation Seamounts image.
Foundation Seamounts Old/New View:

Measured & Estimated Seafloor Topography Products
Available from SIO and NGDC

For more information, please email Dr. Walter H.F. Smith,, NOAA, National Oceanographic Data Center, Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry