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About the Project

These CD-ROMs contain observed and derived gravity measurements contributed by many national and international organizations, from both the academic and government sectors. It is impossible to cite all contributors, because often those who provide data to us have many contributors included within their individual collections.

The 1999 Edition of Gravity Data is “Year 2000 compliant”. All date values are full 4-digit years. The GeoVu geophysical data browse and visualization software is also Year 2000 compliant. The compliance is inherent because there are no built-in date manipulation routines. However, GeoVu is written to run on specific platforms and operating systems. There is no guarantee that GeoVu will operate on platforms other than those indicated in the Software documentation.

Directory Structure

The root level of each CD-ROM has 3 main directories: data, document, and software. These directories contain the data sets, documentation for the data and software, and software tools developed at NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC), for viewing the data.

Data Directory

The data directory contains the data sets, in binary format, and ancillary files for conversion of the data to ASCII. On the Land Gravity CD-ROM, data sets are grouped into directories based on type: Absolute, Global, Grids, and Regional. The Marine Gravity CD-ROM has data grouped by regional location of the survey. Directories exist for the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Black Seas, North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic and South Atlantic. Surveys which cross the “ocean areas” are included in both regional directories.

Document Directory

The document directory contains information about the data in a variety of formats, including HTML for web browsers. Additional survey documentation is included in the data directory.

Source information
Text summary of data set
File name and size (in both binary and ASCII)
Maximum and minimum values of each field

Software Directory

The software directory contains the GeoVu and FreeForm software sub-directories with installation instructions and further documentation for each platform supported.