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Marine Geology Data

Revised Chronology of Neogene DSDP Holes from the World Ocean
Ocean Drilling Program Technical Note # 24

June 1995

David Lazarus,
Cinzia Spencer-Cervato, Milena Pika-Biolzi,
Jean Pierre Beckmann, Katherina von Salis,
Hienz Hilbrecht, and Hans Thierstein

Geologisches Institut
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland

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This report is a publication of the Ocean Drilling Program, PLEASE READ THE ODP RESTRICTIONS & DISCLAIMER PAGE. Printed versions of this report (301 pp.; including approximately 130 p. of tables and 157 black & white plots) are available from the Ocean Drilling Program. Contact for printed reports:

Publications Distribution
Ocean Drilling Program
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College Station, TX 77845 USA

Data in this report were provided to the NOAA NGDC (now NCEI)/World Data Service for Geophysics, Boulder to make publicly available by the authors. Data are available for free download in the following pages and in subdirectory lazarus, Please read the README file for more information on files available for download from this server.

For more information on this report or data, please contact the senior author, Dr. David Lazarus, URL

For updated information on the progress of the NEPTUNE database, please see the web pages at the Natural History Museum in Basel, Switzerland:

There is also an update, citation: Cinzia Spencer-Cervato, 1999, The Cenozoic deep sea microfossil records: explorations of the DSDP/ODP sample set using the NEPTUNE database, Paleontologica Electronic volume 1999 no. 2. at on the ODP web site..