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5-Minute Gridded Global Relief Data Collection (ETOPO5)

World Data Service for Geophysics, Boulder

NGDC (now NCEI) Data Announcement 93-MGG-01

ETOPO5 has been replaced by the higher-resolution ETOPO1

Access ETOPO1 Data

General Contents:

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This data collection contains several digital gridded data bases of global topography and bathymetry at various scales, digitized continental coastlines, gridded oceanic gravity anomalies, ocean-floor gazetteers, and digital topographic relief images in a wide variety of formats. Software or program code for PC-DOS, Macintosh, and UNIX workstations is provided to access the major topographic and geographic data bases. Macintosh users will find a special "Mac only" area of the disc devoted to topographic imaging, including software to generate their own full-color relief images. There are also several shareware programs for Mac and PC for displaying the images.

Major Divisions of this Data Collection:

This data collection contains more than 630 Megabytes of data and programs; some 500 Mb are accessible to all types of hardware, while the remainder is in specific Macintosh image and software formats. Within the major partition, files are grouped in subdirectories as follows:



Computer-readable versions of 20 views of the Earth, formatted in GIF, HDF, and 24-bit color TIFF. Images correspond to "Relief Globe Slides"


  • University of Texas digitization of crustal plate boundaries
  • Magnetic Lineations of the World's Ocean Basins
  • Fracture Zones and other features


Earthquake epicenters 1980-1990, M greater than 4.5

RGB Image:

Red, Green, Blue separations for Mercator-projection color shaded relief image of the world to plus or minus 80 degrees latitude.


World Data Bank II coastlines, rivers & lakes, political boundaries


World Vector Shoreline data, courtesy Defense Mapping Agency, scale equivalents from 1:43 Million to 1:50,000; PC/UNIX access and plotting software



Free-air gravity anomalies derived by Wm. Haxby from SEASAT altimetry; 5-minute lat/lon grid between plus or minus 72 deg. latitude. ASCII and 16-bit binary formats.


  • Gridded free-air gravity anomalies from Gravity Atlas of the Southern Ocean, (NOAA-NGDC Report MGG-7) between 60 deg-72 deg South, on a 5-km grid. ASCII format.
  • Gridded free-air gravity anomalies from GeoSat (both Geodetic and Exact Repeat Missions; 0.04 deg longitude x 0.05 deg latitude), 16-bit binary data, coverage 30 deg-72 deg South. (K. Marks, D. McAdoo, and W. Smith)



5-minute gridded elevations/bathymetry for the world. 16-bit binary data for Mac/Sun, also swapped byte order for PC/VAX. (Click on these names for example 3D images generated by other software from ETOPO5:

USA & Mexico, US Pacific coast.

Old Topo:

R.A.N.D. and Scripps topographic data bases (ASCII)


10-minute gridded Modal height data for land masses, from US Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (ASCII)


30-second gridded elevations and coastal water depths for the 48 contiguous United States, derived from US Geological Survey and National Ocean Service data. (Example Images that can be generated by other software from the TOPO30 data:

Los Angeles, Seattle Area.

NOS EEZ Bathymetric Data:

Gridded (15" lat-lon and 250-m UTM) multibeam bathymetric data from US Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveys by NOAA National Ocean Service. ASCII, data files plus documentation. Each NOS gridded data set fully or partially covers an area of 1/2 degree of latitude by 1 degree of longitude, with exceptions in Alaska's EEZ where the width is 1 1/2 degree of longitude. The gridded data are available in two forms: a Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid with coordinates in meters and a 250-meter grid spacing, and a geographic grid with coordinates based on latitude and longitude and a 15-second grid spacing. For more information, see the multibeam bathymetry page.


Image display software from National Center for Supercomputing Applications; other shareware for display of GIF, PCX, etc.

Macintosh-only files:


  • "Relief Globe Slide" images as 24-bit and 8-bit color PICT files
  • Mercator Projection color shaded relief image of the world (24-bit PICT), covers plus or minus 80 deg latitude; size 65"x46" at 72 dpi. Color scale bar included.

Public Software:

  • Image Processing shareware from National Center for Supercomputing Applications, National Institutes of Mental Health, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NCEI software for access and full-color (24-bit) color image display of ETOPO5 data.


QuickTime(tm) animations of rotating color relief globe in 8- and 24-bit color, with musical background. Try them.


Access and display software for World Vector Shoreline and World Data Bank II Data.