ECS Physical Samples

The priority for geologic samples collected as part of the U.S. ECS Project is their application to delineating the U.S. ECS, however the U.S. ECS Task Force recognizes the important scientific value of these samples and encourages their study and open publication of scientific findings.

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Samples Curator
U.S. Geological Survey, Woods Hole Coastal & Marine Science Center

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ECS Data Manager
NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
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Physical Samples recovered on ECS Cruises

Cruise ID Platform Year ECS Region Samples Collected
Healy 2008 Arctic 7 dredges
Healy 2009 Arctic 5 dredges
Healy 2010 Arctic 11 cores
Marcus G. Langseth 2011 Bering Sea 4 CTD cores
HLY1202 Healy 2012 Arctic 5 dredges

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