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World Data Service for Geophysics

The Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples
Database Contents, Linked Data, and Controlled Vocabulary Testing

Database Contents

Minimum information required for each core, grab, dredge, or drill hole:

  • Contact Information for the Sample Curator/Repository
  • Ship/Platform
  • Cruise/Leg Identifier
  • Sample Identifier
  • Sampling Device
  • Collection Latitude
  • Collection Longitude
  • Notes:
    • The combination of ship, cruise, sample id, and device is unique for each sample.
    • Ship may have a value of unknown, as may device.

Complete Entity and Attribute Information

Linked Data Testing (now hosted by R2R)

Beta SKOS Controlled Vocabularies

The Beta SKOS Controlled Vocabularies demonstration is no longer live.
The vocabularies may be resurrected at a later date on the Marine Metadata Interoperability (MMI) website.