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NCEI Estuarine Bathymetric
Digital Elevation Models

The National Ocean Service's (NOS) Estuarine Bathymetry is a digital raster compilation of NOS hydrographic survey data for selected U.S. estuaries.

The gridded bathymetry are an interpolated data set representing the most up-to-date depth sounding information that was available at the time of publication (1998). In a few cases the most up-to-date information was surveyed more than a century ago... read more

These data should not be used for navigation, see Caveats and FAQs.

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Estuarine Bathymetry was developed by the NOS Special Projects Office. Seventy of the ~130 estuaries within the conterminous U.S. are available. Those estuaries not included had less than 80% coverage of digital sounding data needed to support detailed bathymetric processing.

The source depth soundings for this project were obtained from the Hydrographic Surveys Division of NOS. These surveys represent data collected from the 1840's to the mid-1990's.