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Earthquake Strong Motion Data (1933-1994)


The Earthquake Strong Motion Data catalog is the inventory of Accelerograph Record descriptions for the NCEI Earthquake Strong Motion Database. The data, which date from 1933 to 1994, are representative of a broad range of structural and geologic recording environments. Records were contributed to the archive from various industrial, academic, and governmental sources located around the world.

NOTE: This database is static and is no longer being updated.

Download the database (MS Excel; 5MB) - file contains over 15,670 records.

These data were originally available on a three-volume CD collection. The contents of each volume are available for download.

All of the digitized strong motion data are arranged into sets grouped by either triggering events or geographic regions. These sets are identified by a particular dataset number (such as SM-USACA01 or SM-TAI04). Most of the datasets include three types of processed records: uncorrected (raw), corrected (filtered), and response spectra (includes Fourier spectra). Each dataset is distributed with documentation containing (when available) information on the triggering earthquakes, recording stations, record processing procedures, and data format.

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