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U.S. Earthquake Intensity Database (1638-1985)


The U.S. Earthquake Intensity Database (1638-1985) is a collection of damage and felt reports for over 23,000 U.S. earthquakes. The database contains information regarding epicentral coordinates, magnitudes, focal depths, names and coordinates of reporting cities (or localities), reported intensities, and the distance from city (or locality) to epicenter. Earthquakes listed in the file date from 1638 to 1985.

The majority of the felt reports are in the U.S. States and Territories (155,301) but there are a few from other countries: Antigua and Barbuda (2), Canada (1,364), Mexico (54), Panama (285), and the Philippines (9).

The U.S. Earthquake Intensity Database (1638-1985) includes the maximum intensity for each city (or locality) that felt a particular earthquake. For later years, the USGS National Earthquake Information Center provides maximum intensities for each event.

NOTE: This database is static and is no longer being updated.

Download the database (MS Excel format; 15 MB). The file contains over 157,000 records.

Data are also available on a two-volume CD collection of seismicity catalogs for more than four million earthquakes from 2100 B.C. to 1995 A.D.

Review the Introduction for more information on the contents of this database.