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10. Mean, Standard Deviation, and Correlation

The ANALYZ computer program provides two choices for the user: 1) determine the mean and standard deviation for a data set of single values or 2) find the linear regression Correlation Coefficient for a set of paired (x and y coordinate) data values. The program displays the values of a best fitting linear representation of the data pairs along with the Standard Error of Estimate. You are given the opportunity to use the linear regression line to determine the corresponding value of y for any given x. An example screen is shown below.

Example Screen from ANALYZ

The ANALYZ program is run in the computer DOS mode; simply enter the program name and touch ENTER on your keyboard. You are asked to select between the two types of study (single data set or paired values set). Follow the directions for entering the number of values (or paired values) and your data. You are given the opportunity to correct an input error. Both the input and results are displayed on the screen. For the best fitting line representing the paired values, you can select any x value of your choosing and have the value of corresponding y shown.

Download original program

Download linux version with C source code.

Download windows version with C source code.

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