FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Site

Welcome! The Anonymous FTP servers allow users to download or contribute geophysical data.
Data access will generally be easier via the Data Discipline pages,
and FTP access is recommended only for experienced users.

Contribute Data:

Please email the appropriate Technical Contact before sending data. To upload data, use our incoming FTP server: incoming.ngdc.noaa.gov, User: anonymous, Password: your email address.

Download Data:

Download Custom Data Files generated for you, or select data from the outgoing Anonymous FTP server (ftp.ngdc.noaa.gov) in the following subject areas:


World Magnetic Model (WMM), Aeromagnetism, Paleomagnetism, Daily Field Variations

Marine Geology & Geophysics:

Bathymetry, Geology, Geophysics, and Shorelines data

Solar-Terrestrial Physics:



Airglow, Aurorae, Cosmic Rays, Flares, Irradiance, Sunspots