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Great Lakes Bathymetry

NOAA was engaged in a program to compile Great Lakes bathymetric data and make them readily available to the public, especially to the communities concerned with Great Lakes science, pollution, coastal erosion, response to climate changes, threats to lake ecosystems, and health of the fishing industry. This program was managed by NGDC and relied on the cooperation of NOAA/Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, NOAA/National Ocean Service, the Canadian Hydrographic Service, other agencies, and academic laboratories.

Compilation of new bathymetry for the Great Lakes was an important part of this program, carried out cooperatively between NOAA (NGDC and GLERL), and the Canadian Hydrographic Service. This new bathymetry provided a more detailed portrayal of lakefloor topography, and revealed some lakefloor features seen for the first time.

By following the lake links at left, you will find available data and imagery, as well as links to data products including posters. The links at right go to all products for all lakes.

Compilation of Great Lakes Bathymetry at NGDC has been suspended, leaving Lake Superior incomplete. We will collect and hold any comments or suggestions for consideration in the event that the project is reactivated in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Kelly Carignan, , phone 303-497-6373, NOAA/NGDC Mail Code E/GC3, 325 Broadway, Boulder, CO USA 80305-3328. fax 303-497-6513.

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