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Marine Geology Data

US Geological Survey BLM/OCS
Baltimore Canyon (Mid-Atlantic) Data Set

Data Set G02882



This data set contains analytical data from samples acquired from the Baltimore Canyon (Mid-Atlantic) area of the Outer Continental Shelf, U.S. east coast, by the U.S. Geological Survey, Office of Marine Geology, Woods Hole, Mass., 02543, during the first year of environmental assessment work funded by the Bureau of Land Management (1 July 1975 - 30 June 1976). The data set contains ten files.

The first file ("station data") contains location and collection documentation for the subsequent files which contain the various analytical data. The station data in the first file are keyed to the contents of the subsequent files (except file 4) by a key number. The key number merely serves as a link between the station data and various analytical data to enable the data lines to be kept shorter than 130 characters, the usual capacity of a line printer. In many cases, the key number will appear in two or three of the data files, indicating that several types of analyses were performed on subsamples of the same prime sample. Similarly, repetition of a key number within a single file indicates that analyses were performed on parts of a single prime sample - grain size analyses at intervals down a single core, for example. The core intervals or in some cases, sample depth within water columns are included in the analytical data files.