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US Geological Survey - East Coast Geological Sample Repository

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The Woods Hole Science Center's (WHSC) Core and Sediment Archive serves the scientific community through sample data storage and organization, providing accurate answers to inquiries regarding sample metadata, and protecting the physical integrity of these samples. The Archive maintains quality and organization in sample storage and retrieval for researchers. It maintains an up-to-date, accurate database enabling rapid location of sample and metadata.


The sample storage facility consists of four external cold vans located at the WHOI Quissett Campus, beside the USGS Woods Hole Science Center's main office. Two refrigerated vans maintain a temperature of 35 degrees F, one freezer van maintains a temperature of -15 degrees F, and one ambient temperature laboratory van houses all dried samples. Additional samples are stored in the WHSC warehouse. These facilities, and the numbering scheme for sample locations are described in detail on the USGSWH web site.

Sample Collection

The sample collection consists of cores, grabs, dredges, submersible samples, sediment traps, anchor samples, and water samples. Material is primarily from the east coast of the US.

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