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When do Tsunamis occur:

    Any time of the year, day or night.
    During the Winter.
    During the Summer.

Where are tsunamis most likely to occur in the United States?

    Alaska and the west coast
    BOTH of the above; Hawaii and Alaska and the west coast.

If you feel a STRONG coastal earthquake that lasts 20 seconds or longer, you should:

    Drop, cover, and hold on.
    When the shaking stops, evacuate quickly.
    BOTH of the above; drop, cover, and hold on and when the shaking stops, evacuate quickly.

A tsunami is a:

    Tidal wave
    Series of sea waves
    Result of the El Ni?o

If an earthquake has generated a tsunami wave, what should you do?

    Return home.
    Wait until local officials tell you it is safe.
    Go to the beach to inspect the effects of the tsunami.